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Babies are scanned at birth, and their criminal probability is found. All is well if they’re not criminally inclined. However, if their numbers are too risky, they’re removed from society. A cause of heart break for many, a group of sinners is now fighting back for their right to try and not just be labeled at birth. Join us on their journey.
Chapter name Time uploaded
Sinner 15

: Wish (2)

Sinner 14

: Wish

Sinner 13

: Traitor

Sinner 12

: Gender

Sinner 11

: Personality Discernment Device

Sinner 10

: Parents (2)

Sinner 9

: Parents

Sinner 8

: Strawberry Sponge Cake Man

Sinner 7

: Strawberry Sponge Cake Man

Sinner 6

: Twin Sisters

Sinner 5

: Twin Sisters

Sinner 4

: Happiness

Sinner 3

: Prisoners

Sinner 2

: Rose-colored Temptation

Sinner 1

: Young Sinner

Maybe coming in the next issue
Sinner Chapter 16
Sinner Chapter 17
Sinner Chapter 18


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