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Shichifuku Mafia CHAPTER LIST
  • Shichifuku Mafia

    Alternative : Associated Names [Edit] ; 七福マフィア ; 七福黑手党 ; 七福MAFIA
  • Author(s) : Terai akane
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug 18, 04:05
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 1.500
  • Genre : Shoujo
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Shichifuku Mafia:

From AQUA Scans: As a vigilante group loved by the local residents, the Alfano Family spent their days living peacefully. However, ever since the rise of a rival Mafia, dark clouds have been hovering over them.. “Go to your late mother (former Yakuza)’s homeland, Japan, and bring the seven strongest people who were once her subordinates.” Accepting this secret order, Leo heads to Japan. The seven people he seeks for are… The Seven Gods of Fortune that were sealed away in a hanging scroll!
Chapter name Time uploaded
Shichifuku Mafia 12

: The End & The Beginning

Shichifuku Mafia 11

: What I received attracts me

Shichifuku Mafia 10

: Mafia family vs Demon Family

Shichifuku Mafia 9

: Mission 9 The strands of hair connecting the Gods

Shichifuku Mafia 8

: The obvious truth and black scissors

Shichifuku Mafia 7

: The scent of Peaches and an old man's real feelings

Shichifuku Mafia 6

: The Devil's horn and the declaration of war

Shichifuku Mafia 5

: Child and Adult

Shichifuku Mafia 4

: Toy and Murderous Intent

Shichifuku Mafia 3

: Love Song & Dissonance

Shichifuku Mafia 2

: Mom and the Gold Club

Shichifuku Mafia 1

: Blonde Boy and flapping Snapper



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