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A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon CHAPTER LIST

A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon:

Of the dyad of sisters, one lives a life like a rich piece of black gold----- born with status yet perceived unpleasantly in the eyes of others. The other sister is an illegitimate daughter, who leads a rough life. The fate of these two sisters is tied together by the struggle between the great families. Behind the scenes, a pair of sinister hand pushes the two sisters into the gate of death. Unexpectedly, they were reborn again! Together, they open the road to carve a path towards a dyad of revenge.
Chapter name Time uploaded
A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon 5

: How Are You Still Alive?!

A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon 4

: A Handsome Man is Treating Me To Diner?

A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon 3

: Rachael's Memory Search System

A Dyad of Revenge Webtoon 2

: I Became My Sister



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